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Misala Handmade

手作包袋 Handmade bags & purses
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Misala Handmade

Misala 手作品牌由 Michelle Chan 在 2010 年在中東杜拜創立。在丈夫 Sanford 輔助下,Michelle 自創設計了各種款式風格的口金包、袋與飾品。 於 2013 年夏,Sanford 決定放棄他在海外薪資豐厚的正職,舉家遷移到台北,以煥焜創意之名延續他們夫妻倆的手作夢。

Misala Handmade begins in 2010 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and features cute, funky and elegant bags, purses and other accessories using kisslock-type purse frames designed and made by Michelle Chan. Since summer 2013 the brand is now operating in Taipei, Taiwan under Enkune Creative Services Company Limited, a company started by the husband-and-wife team Sanford & Michelle.

  • Year: 2010 - Now

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Founder's Blog @ Medium


Our voices may be weak, but it will be worth it as long as there is one person who is touched by the words of courage.

  • Year: 2013 - Now

關於煥焜 About Enkune

En kune (世界語 Esperanto 解作"在一起") 是我們的信念。我們的夢想,是聯合不同界別但又各有才華的設計師,技職人與手藝達人,讓他們分享各自的技藝、知識與經驗。 "在一起"我們累積不同的眼光、視野與角度而成為一個與眾不同的群體,"在一起"我們建立一種可持續的商業模式,並讓每位獨立設計師都能實現他們自立為生的夢想。 我們在台北,全球創意人口密度最高的地區。

En kune ("In together" in Esperanto) is our motto. We have a dream in which designers, makers and crafters can be united; skills, knowledges and experiences can be shared. Together we work as a sum of all, and together we can build a sustainable business model for every individual designers. We operate from Taipei, where the concentration of creativity in people is the highest in the world.

我們的背景 Our Background

煥焜創意服務執行長 Sanford 畢業於美國 University of Virigina 工程學院計算機科學系。 到台北創業之前,他在法資工程企業 Thales Group 任職超過 8 年,其間被派駐於香港、中國、英國、新加坡與中東各城市鐵路監控系統項目。 在各地長期生活多年的經驗,賦予他完整又全面的世界觀。2013 年,也是在杜拜生活的第 4 年,他作出有生以來最瘋狂的決定:放棄目前擁有的一切,舉家遷到另一個陌生的城市去創業。

The founder and executive of Enkune Creative Services Sanford Poon completed his education at University of Virginia in the United States. Before starting his business in Taipei, he had worked for French technology giant Thales Group for the past 8 years. He had lived in different regions across the world including Asia, Europe and the Middle East to work on mass transit railway control systems in big cities. Years of experience living away from home had endowed him with a true, complete global vision. 2013 is his forth year living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is also the year when he made the craziest decision in his life; to give up everything he has and start up fresh in a totally new city and direction.

我們的服務 Our Services


We are positioned to be a bridge between the creator and international clients. Our professional service is based on brand building and takes financial freedom of the artist as a major milestone.

  • 以 Mentorship 方式針對每項產業與個人提供各方面技能與經驗的傳授與轉移
    Transfer of skills and experience relavent to the art or craft subject / individual in mentorship format
  • 從企業道德角度培育優良商家,打造和諧產業鏈並推動正向行商意識
    Focus on corporate ethics to create an environment that encourages fair trade practices
  • 提供各項營運相關之IT、市場策劃、推廣和行銷服務
    Provides IT services that assists and accelerates business operation, as well as market development and promotion services.